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Cirrus Series 4

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The original Cirrus. Designed tough for Australian conditions. Featuring Eco-Safe's high pressure atomising technology and precision control of a 7-micron ULV (ultra low volume) particle size the Cirrus is the perfect heavy duty unit for tough odours. 

System includes:-

  • 1x Eco-Jet Cirrus Series 4 Pumping Station
  • 1 x 220 Lt HDPE free standing solution tank
  • 5m of 8mm HP Nylon tubing
  • 1 x stand-off atomising nozzle assembly

The system is designed with economy in mind. Our technology features industry leading timers to control spray duration and delay, ensuring you destroy your odours using the minimum amount of Odour-X. 

  • Capacity: Adjustable 435 to 1250 L/Hour
  • Maximum Pressure: 1725kPa
  • Weight: 10Kg (Eco-Jet Cirrus unit)
  • Self Priming, Maintenance Free design
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