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Cirrus Series 5 BTO

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Cirrus Build to Order

Free standing Cirrus Model built the way you want. Designed tough for Australian conditions. Featuring Eco-Safe's high pressure atomising technology and precision control of a 7-micron ULV (ultra low volume) particle size the Cirrus is the perfect heavy duty unit for tough odours. 

    Suitable for Boundary Odour Control and Large Outdoor Areas

    • Capacity: 2500 to 10000 L/Month
    • Maximum Pressure: 1725kPa
    • Weight: 350Kg (Eco-Jet Cirrus unit)
    • Self Priming, Maintenance Free design

    Options include:-

    • 240V or Petrol Driven
    • SMS and Email Alerts on Tank Low Level
    • Weather Station Integration
    • 1000 - 10000Lt tank Options
    • Skid Mounted or Permanent
    • Up to 100 Stand-Off Atomising Spray Nozzles
    • IoT Interface to World Wide Web
    Download Quick Start Guide